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Which players are wearing the steel pole lighting?

Which players are wearing the steel pole lighting?

The NFL is set to expand its brand of outdoor lighted poles to include “steel pole lights” for the first time, according to the league’s public relations office.

The team that owns the NFL’s outdoor lighting will be allowed to license its equipment to the NFL for use during the season.

That licensing could be a boon to the Steelers, whose football stadium, Heinz Field, has had a large number of poles installed in the stadium during the past two seasons, according a source with knowledge of the plan.

Steelers spokesman Pat Shurmur said the team’s “franchisees have always been interested in getting the pole lights out there,” but said he wasn’t sure when the equipment would be licensed.

“We’re still looking at it, but we want to get it done,” Shurmi said.

“I can’t give you a timeline.

We’re still figuring that out.”

The NFL said in a statement that the league “will continue to encourage the use of steel pole signals and we look forward to partnering with other professional sports leagues to expand this exciting new product into other sports as well.”

The Steelers are one of three NFL franchises that are licensed to sell the lighting, which uses LEDs and special-effects technology to simulate the glow of a metal pole that is bent on one side.

The NFL said the lights can be set on any team’s field and are sold by a team-specific kiosk, similar to the ones that are installed at many stadiums across the league.

The NFL’s official website says the Steelers’ outdoor lighting system will cost $200 to $400, and that the team will sell its own lights for $200.

It also says the team expects to be selling “poles of the same diameter, color, and weight as the NFLs own lighting system,” according to an NFL statement.

The Steelers have had the outdoor lighting installed at Heinz for about six years, and were among the first teams to install the system at the stadium.

The team said in January that the lights had “made the difference” for its fans during the preseason.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, a longtime NFL franchise, have also installed a similar system in other locations in the city.

The Steelers announced in March that the outdoor lights have helped them “feel like the best of friends” with fans, the team said.