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Which is better for the city: a steel series light or a keel steel?

Which is better for the city: a steel series light or a keel steel?

By RACHEL JOHNSONThe Jerusalem PostThe Jerusalem Jerusalem PostSeptember 20, 2018 10:39:03After several years of construction, a new light tower has been inaugurated at the entrance to Jerusalem’s historic Old City.

The new light structure is designed to provide the city’s light infrastructure, including a light-rail system, a pedestrian tunnel, and the iconic Erez Bridge.

This light-tower is an important symbol of the city, and its construction marks the culmination of several years’ work to turn Jerusalem into a hub of light.

It is expected to be completed in 2021.

The light tower, a steel keels and steel series lighting are used for the light-train system, as well as the Erez bridge, and are meant to be used in conjunction with a new street light that is to be installed at the center of the Old City in 2021, as part of the Eros renovation project.

The city’s municipal council approved the plan for the new light-systems on Sept. 10, 2018.

The building is a steel system that consists of a series of lights, each of which are individually designed to be connected to one another and the streetlights.

The steel keeled lights are the most common type of light, which are often used for street lighting.

The light-towers are designed to have a total area of 10 meters and weigh between 30 and 35 tons.

They are made of steel and are designed with a steel beam and aluminum casing.

The beams are welded together, and a special steel tube is attached to the top of the light structure.

The keel light, a series light that will replace the existing street light, is also made of aluminum and is lighter than the steel kelings.

The keel lights are designed for light-traffic and street lighting and have a steel frame.

The top of each light is covered with a thick layer of steel that is then welded to the keel beams.

The two light towers are designed together to be attached to a single, larger light tower that is planned to be built in 2021 at the top level of the former Old City’s Old City Hall.

The two light systems are expected to provide a citywide light infrastructure for lighting the city and its neighborhoods, according to the project’s architects, Bally and Sirota.

The plan calls for the two light-transmission systems to provide lighting for the entire city, which is expected by 2021.

A number of major projects are underway to transform the Old Port of Jerusalem, which was built in the late 19th century, into a city of light and commerce, as Israel continues to develop the Green Line, the nation’s east-west highway.

The green line was originally constructed to serve as a transit corridor between Jerusalem and the West Bank, and has become a major transit hub for Palestinians and Israelis.

The Erez Crossing is also undergoing major renovation.