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When India’s PM Modi is the lightest of the lightweights

When India’s PM Modi is the lightest of the lightweights

By Alkha ShuklaThe Delhi Chief Minister has announced the creation of a new Ministry of Light Industries to make light bulbs.

The new ministry will focus on the development of manufacturing of high quality light bulbs for use in the country’s cities and towns.

The new ministry is set to be set up by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and will be headed by a light bulb expert.

The Ministry will have its headquarter at the National Institute of Photovoltaic Technology, New Delhi.

The institute has been established in 2007.

The department is to be headed, as per the announcement, by Dr Amit Agarwal, Director, Department of Light Technologies, the institute.

He will also be the head of the National Light Bulb Manufacturing and Research Institute, the same institute as the institute of Light Technology Research and Development, which is being set up at NRI.

This new ministry has been put in place to facilitate the creation and expansion of high-quality light bulbs, said a statement issued by the Chief Minister.

The Prime Minister has said that he has decided to appoint a lightbulb expert to the ministry.

He has also set up a committee headed by former Union minister Jairam Ramesh to examine the development and the manufacturing of the Indian light bulb.