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What do you think of the Steel exit light?

What do you think of the Steel exit light?

The exit light for the Steel Hotel & Casino is being replaced after it was found to have a flaw in the design.

Engadgets reports the steel light is being removed to make room for a new LED one.

Steel is currently owned by Canadian company Horseshoe Casino Resort, which has a 50% stake in the property.

However, the Canadian Government has said that it wants the resort to operate as a privately owned business.

The hotel is currently operated by the Horshoe Casino Resorts Group, which owns a 20% stake.

Horsesho’s website lists the hotel as a “family friendly resort”.

A spokesperson for the company said it had no comment on the reported switchover.

The switchover has already prompted the Hinshaw family to come to the defence of the resort, claiming it is a family favourite.

“This is not a company with which we’re very close, but this is a business that’s very close to us,” John Hinshaws said.

The Hinsaws are also calling for the hotel to reopen to the public, something the resort has resisted.

“It is the business’s decision to reopen the property as a family resort and we’re going to do everything we can to support that decision,” the family spokesperson said.