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How to save up to Rs 1 lakh on electric cars in Mumbai

How to save up to Rs 1 lakh on electric cars in Mumbai

People in the city are making use of smart home technology to save money on electric vehicles.

The city is the hub of electric vehicles and is one of the world’s most populous metros.

“Smart home technology allows people to save on their electric vehicles by taking advantage of the smart technology in the house,” said Anuj Kulkarni, a marketing and brand manager at The Smart Home Energy Company, a division of the company.

He said the company offers free smart home devices and smart home services to residents.

The company also has its own electric vehicle charging stations and an app for customers to order an electric vehicle from them.

Electric vehicles are a great way to save fuel and cut down on pollution in the metros where they are prevalent.

Residents can order their own electric vehicles from The Smart Energy Company.

It also offers services to customers on how to install smart home products.

Kulkarno said that the city has over 40,000 electric vehicles on its roads.

In the city, about 10 percent of the households use the smart home.

As per data from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, the city’s urban population is projected to reach more than 11.5 million in 2020.