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How to get the best frame and fork on the market, says a new company

How to get the best frame and fork on the market, says a new company

Posted November 29, 2018 12:23:56 A new bike brand has gone on the air and said it will offer the best performance, value and style in its line-up of frames and fork options.

It’s called SteelLight and it’s launching this week in New York City.

The name SteelLight comes from a reference to the way light metal acts on water, making it more resistant to corrosion.

The brand says it has already made its mark in the marketplace with some of the best performing steel frames and forks on the planet, but it’s also got the best value.

The company has a few different models on offer, including the SteelLight X, which is a full-suspension frame that weighs in at less than two pounds and comes in all sizes from 29-inches to 29-plus inches.

The X comes with an aluminum alloy fork and weighs less than three pounds.

SteelLight says it’s the most durable fork on earth, and it uses a special aluminum alloy that is nearly two times stronger than steel, according to the company.

It also says it uses the highest-quality materials, including carbon fiber.

It offers a wide range of sizes from the 29-inch XR to 29.5-inch XXR, which both weigh about two pounds.

SteelLight says the XR is designed to be lightweight for touring and a good balance between performance and price, and the XXR is for those who want more of an urban-minded touring bike.

It also has an entry level model, the X2, which weighs in between four and six pounds.

It has a carbon fiber frame, a steel fork and a carbon seatpost.

Steel Light also offers two carbon fiber bikes for touring, the XXF and the XLF, which weigh around five pounds.

To get a sense of what the bikes will look like, we went with one model to compare against the competition.

The XXR and XLF are the XRs and the XSRs, respectively.

The SteelLight XLR is a carbon frame, aluminum alloy seatpost, steel fork, carbon seat post and carbon seat frame.

The XRX is a frame with an alloy fork, aluminum seatpost and carbon fork.

The XLRX, with carbon fork and carbon handlebar.

It’s important to note that there’s no weight difference between the XLR and the SRX, which weighed in at just under a pound.

There are also no differences between the X, XL, XS, XLR, XLF and XXR models.

If you’re looking for a bike that is meant to go fast and has a bike-friendly handling, the Steel Light XXR will likely be your best choice.