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How the new RTE show, The Last Jedi, will be different

How the new RTE show, The Last Jedi, will be different

It’s the kind of thing that’s hard to tell from the TV set in the cinema or the theatre, but you can bet it’s going to be different to the way it’s presented on the screen.

It’s set to be a little bit more theatrical, with some more of a theatrical feel to it.

It’ll be a show that’s going into more of an intimate space, a little more of the show is going to come out of the characters mouths and you’re going to get to see how the characters are thinking and feel. 

And it’s the sort of show where the actors will be the big story, rather than the big acting, and there’s going be an emphasis on the big roles. 

It’s a show where there’s a lot of talk about how people are not going to care if it’s good or not, and how people don’t have to be in a position to say “I don’t care”. 

It is a show about the journey, and the way we come to love something, and it’s an idea that was brought up a lot in the original Star Wars. 

In the original, Luke Skywalker was going to die, and Leia and Han would be left behind in space, to make way for new heroes, and new ways to make the galaxy a better place. 

I think that’s an interesting idea that’s very interesting to think about.

But, the way that the story is being told, I don’t think you’ll find much of a focus on the people in the story. 

We’re in a time where people are in a space that’s filled with things that are very dangerous, that are really violent, and that’s just not the way people live.

So, I think there’s that element of that in there. 

The show is also a lot darker, with the introduction of new creatures.

You’ll be seeing a lot more monsters, but it’s more subtle than the first Star Wars movie.

The creatures are a bit more in the spotlight, and you’ll see some new species, and a lot less of the old ones, which you can’t really say is the case in the first film. 

But, there’s also a very old creature that’s still alive, and will be back, but its a very different species from what it used to be, and its the kind that we’re used to seeing in other franchises, and I think that was the intention. 

You can see a lot about the story, and about the characters, in this new show.

The show’s got a lot going for it, but the big thing is that it’s a very new show, and all of the pieces are new. 

So, what can you expect from the new show?

It will be much more cinematic, more cinematic in the sense that there will be more of this intimate feel to the show, but also, there will definitely be some of that old-school feel to this.

There’s a good chance that the characters in the show are going to have some of the same faces and personalities that you’ll be able to see in the film.

The story will be going in a very dark direction, with an emphasis more on emotion and a kind of story-telling style.

It may not be the most emotional show, I guess you could say, but I do think it’s very well-written, very well researched, and very well shot. 

What do you think will be interesting about the new series?

I think it will be a very interesting story to follow, I can’t think of any way to put it better than that.

The tone of the new Star Wars series is going a lot deeper than the original films, and is a bit darker.

It is also going to involve a lot bigger stakes than the previous films, as the show takes a very dramatic turn, and starts to feel very personal and important.

It will be very much about the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and what happens when the old friend of Luke’s dies. 

Where does that leave Luke?

It’s very much in the dark at the start of the season, and his relationship with Leia and Chewbacca are going nowhere.

And there’s always a sense of uncertainty in the background, and not knowing what the future holds for the Skywalker family. 

How can you tell a show like this from the films?

Well, the films have always had this thing about their own stories and their own characters and their relationships with the characters and with the universe that they want to explore, but that’s not what the show’s going for.

It feels very much like a film, it’s really an adaptation of the film, and we’re looking at this through a very big lens.

The way the show sees it, is going into a very intimate space and a very personal space, and really looking at the relationship that the character has with his family, with his friends